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Oxygen Concentrator Shopping Guide

by len king on Nov 30, 2022

Oxygen Concentrator

First, let's understand what oxygen flow and oxygen concentration are

  • Oxygen flow rate
Unit: L/min
Refers to the air output per minute of the oxygen concentrator, for example, 3L/min means the oxygen concentrator can output 3L per minute.(PS: oxygen flow rate is basically adjustable)
  • Oxygen concentration
Unit: percentage
Refers to the percentage of oxygen in the output of the oxygen generator. For example, 90% oxygen concentration means the percentage of oxygen concentration in the produced gas is 90%. (PS: Only oxygen concentration of 90% or more is effective for human body)

Second, let's understand the different models

Patients can follow the medical advice to buy according to the condition
Oxygen concentrators are available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, which indicates the maximum oxygen flow per minute that the oxygen machine can provide under the premise of oxygen concentration guarantee. The oxygen flow rates for different populations are different.
  • 1L and 2L are mainly used for health care oxygen intake for people with mild hypoxia.
  • 3L and 5L are the most common types and also the most numerous. 3L is between health care and slight treatment function, while oxygen concentrators above 5L belong to the treatment type, which has medical assistance for patients with respiratory system diseases and lung diseases.
  • 8L and 10L are suitable for special patients who need high oxygen flow and long-term oxygen intake, such as those suffering from severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary heart disease, stroke and other diseases, as well as post-operative rehabilitation and hospital oxygen sources.

Finally, let's understand oxygen therapy and oxygen health care

Oxygen therapy and oxygen health care both use oxygen supplementation to improve the body's hypoxic condition and promote metabolism, in order to treat related diseases and enhance body functions.
Oxygen therapy is used to correct pathological hypoxia and treat diseases. Patients with respiratory diseases, patients with cardiovascular diseases, and elderly people over 65 years old are the main groups of oxygen therapy. (PS: these people need to use medical oxygen machines)
Oxygen is used to correct physiological hypoxia, to enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases and improve work and study efficiency, etc. Oxygen is called oxygen health care. Brain workers who work hard, students preparing for exams who are under stress, and pregnant women who are expecting to give birth all need some supplemental oxygen. (PS: generally these people are suitable for the use of health care oxygen machine)
Small, lightweight, quiet and comfortable medical 5L oxygen concentrator
Small and lightweight, suitable for home use
Minimum 5L machine with double bottle overall design
Low noise, operation noise as low as 42dB, the average noise of the whole machine <45dB
Increase the primary air inlet filtration to extend the product life
Imported molecular sieve medical grade oxygen concentration up to 96%-10L medical oxygen machine
7*24h continuous operation
Quadruple intelligent alarm function
One machine with two uses, oxygen production + nebulization
5 layers of filtration, medical-grade clean oxygen
Small size and light weight-1L oxygen concentrator
HD large screen display
Intelligent timing + timing
9 layers of filtration, the oxygen output is completely close to the ecological oxygen standard
Intelligent voice broadcast, voice prompts for oxygen flow and concentration broadcast

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