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To ensure the accuracy of your home cholesterol test, you can take care of the following points:

by len king on Nov 07, 2023

Cholesterol Test Kit
Choose a reliable home cholesterol tester. When purchasing a home cholesterol tester, choose a regular brand and channel, check the quality and reputation of the product to ensure that the purchased tester is accurate and reliable.
Follow the instructions to operate correctly. When using a home cholesterol tester, read the instructions carefully to understand the correct operation methods and precautions to avoid improper operation affecting the test results.
Regular calibration. Home cholesterol tester needs to be calibrated regularly to ensure the accuracy of the test results. You can refer to the calibration method on the manual or contact the manufacturer for calibration.
Pay attention to the blood collection session. Blood collection session is one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of cholesterol test. Choose clean and dry blood collection needles and test strips to avoid contamination or moisture affecting the test results. Also, clean your fingers with a disinfectant and wait for the alcohol to dry before taking blood to avoid affecting the results.
Avoid interfering factors. Avoid interfering factors such as strenuous exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking before the test to avoid affecting the test results. At the same time, keep an empty stomach and avoid eating foods high in fat and cholesterol to avoid affecting the test results.
Multiple tests to take the average value. In order to improve the accuracy of the test, you can take multiple tests to get the average value. It is recommended to take the test at the same time every day, for example, after waking up in the morning, record the results of each test and take the average as the final result.
It should be noted that the results of home cholesterol test can only be used as a reference and cannot replace the professional diagnosis and advice of doctors. If the test results are abnormal, it is recommended to seek medical advice promptly.

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