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What Are the Foods with High Cholesterol?

by len king on Mar 27, 2024

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"Foods with high cholesterol usually include animal offal, egg yolks, and seafood. Specifically, animal offal such as liver, kidney, spleen, small intestine as well as pig brain, sheep brain and cow brain contain more cholesterol. Egg yolk foods such as quail eggs, chicken eggs, loose eggs and duck eggs also contain high cholesterol, and seafood foods such as cuttlefish, squid, silverfish, shrimp and shrimp skin also contain high cholesterol. In addition, some processed meat products, red meat, cheese or cheese also contain some cholesterol.

It should be noted that although foods high in cholesterol contain more cholesterol, different people's bodies have different abilities to absorb and utilize cholesterol from different foods, so the intake of foods high in cholesterol varies somewhat for different people. In addition, dietary intake of cholesterol is not the only factor. A combination of diet, exercise, medication and other treatments need to be considered, and reasonable interventions and treatments should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.
In order to maintain a normal cholesterol level, it is recommended to consume high cholesterol foods in moderation, while paying attention to a balanced diet with more vegetables, fruits and whole grains to increase the intake of dietary fiber. In addition, attention should also be paid to the development of healthy lifestyle habits such as weight control, moderate exercise, quitting smoking and limiting alcohol."

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