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Hypoxia May Cause Obesity?!

by kinglen on Oct 09, 2021

Hypoxia May Cause Obesity?!

Human body hypoxia can lead to obesity? The answer is yes!

There is a word in medicine called hypoxic obesity, maybe you have never heard of it. However, professional doctors pointed out that hypoxic obesity has become the most common form of obesity in modern people. According to physiological principles, the energy required by the human body is produced by the hydrolysis of ATP. If the body is hypoxic, ATP will be obviously insufficient, which will lead to a decline in the decomposition ability of body fat and glucose, making body fat difficult to be burned normally, and finally formed obesity. Therefore, the timely and effective use of household oxygen concentrators to supplement oxygen for the body can help reduce body obesity to a certain extent.

The vicious cycle of hypoxia can easily lead to increased obesity and other uncomfortable symptoms. Generally speaking, obese people are more prone to hypoxia than ordinary people. When the body is obese, the energy required in the body is much higher than that of ordinary people (that is, more oxygen is needed). On the other hand, obesity also often causes insufficient exercise, resulting in less body oxygen absorption. Therefore, obese people often feel short of breath. This is also the reason why they are out of breath after walking two steps.

However, the above situation can be significantly alleviated after using a household oxygen generator. Obese people reduce the impact and burden of obesity on the left and right ventricles by obtaining pure oxygen, while avoiding heart failure. If the heart fails due to excessive hypoxia, its ability to transport oxygen will also decrease, resulting in a significant lack of oxygen available to all parts of the body. Studies have found that such a vicious circle can easily lead to aggravation of body obesity, resulting in chest tightness, numbness of the limbs, insomnia, dizziness, dizziness and other systemic symptoms. Therefore, obese people or people who tend to be obese should use the pure oxygen obtained from the home oxygen mechanism to regulate the body's hypoxia, help burn fat, reduce obesity, and maintain good health. In fact, people who use professional and effective oxygen supply equipment for oxygen therapy and oxygen health care will find that not only their mental state is getting better, but their weight has also changed significantly. The effect of most obese middle-aged and elderly people is particularly obvious.

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